Toby Mitchell

The photography of Toby Mitchell conveys an irrepressible serenity. In Volume One of Ditto, we profile his images from the road in print – from muted cityscapes in Chicago, Florence and Lisbon, to the heady lush mountains of Norway. Here's a selection of his work featured in the magazine. 


Simply a playground for a photographer. However, I would say, Norway is like a gold mine; you must look hard, dig and persevere to find the gold. Some of the beautiful spots are obvious, but already popular. To find those undiscovered landscapes, you need to hustle and explore. Get lost to some extent.



The architectural form of downtown Chicago was the thing I enjoyed most about visiting. Capturing photos with striking lines and moody weather made these pictures come to life.


Florence, being one of the most beautiful cities in the world, lends itself generously to being photographed when it wakes up and goes to sleep. The softer tones in the late evening and early morning transformed the city.


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